Mobile Personal Training

Do you find it a struggle to get to the gym, work and life just gets too busy?

Or you are a single working parent and just physically can't get to the gym because you have no one to look after the children?

I can solve all your problems, as a mobile Personal Trainer I can come to you and we can workout in the comfort of your own home where the children can hang out while you workout or even join in!

I will work with you to keep you motivated, get results and achieve your personal health and fitness goals!  Together we can achieve this by using the surroundings around us, and the equipment provided by me along with a mixture of body weight exercises, weighted exercises and cardio to get that heart pumping! What you need for our session: Drink, towel and lots of energy!

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Marc teaching a lady boxing

Corporate Fitness

Corporate fitness programs are a great way to attract and retain employees while also reducing stress levels, increasing productivity and creating a happier, healthier working environment.

In today's fast paced world more and more companies are deploying and enjoying corporate fitness programs.Studies show that healthier, fitter employees perform better at work and enjoy better relationships with their colleagues.  Their perceived personal productivity and work/life satisfaction is also higher.

Get in touch today to help with your company and business through corporate fitness!


HITT Circuit Class


Boxing Fitness Class


HITT Circuit Class


Boxing Fitness Class


HITT Circuit Class

Marc Siou - Head Trainer

Marc has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years and has competed to a high level in both amateur boxing and kickboxing. With his background in boxing, strength and conditioning he has trained a variety of athletes both amateur and professional across different codes of sport.

"I love to compete but my real passion lies in coaching and helping others achieve their goals. There is nothing more rewarding than helping someone realise their potential and what they are capable of in sport which translates into life".

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